Sunday, July 13, 2014

Haley is 11 Months Old!

Wow! Time has flown so quickly that I am just now updating on Haley and she turned 11 months old July 5th. The holiday weekend through me off and then just the busyness of life. Here is what she has been up to this past month(s).

-drinking from a sippy cup with water
-can definitely say hi and bye bye and her own little voice and words
-scooting all over the place but not crawling
-wearing some 12 month clothes already


Haley went up a size in bottle nipple and also has gone up to 7 ounce bottles at each feeding. We think she hit a growth spurt because she has been eating so good lately. She still gets up in the night and eats though. She eats a good lunch of baby food but dinner is hit or miss with her. Sometimes  she is up for food and sometimes not. We still have a hard time feeding her slightly solid food because she pukes or gets choked very easily still. She hasn't learned to use those teeth she has yet, I don't think. We will just keep at it.


Still taking 2 naps a day but now they are IN THE BED!! She finally just outgrew and started hating the swing and she was just ready for the bed. She has done great and doesn't fuss now when we lay her down and walk out of the room. She rolls around and wiggles until she finds her spot and then she just zonks out. She still goes down for the night around 8-8:30 each night. We are so blessed with how well she does with sleeping! I am so glad to be done with the swings too and of course, it was much easier than I had myself all worked up for.


Scooting everywhere!! She does not crawl or even try to really. She just scoots her legs and pulls herself to whatever she wants. She is surprisingly fast. She is so curious though about plastic bags, cords, outlets, etc. so we have to watch her like a hawk and have already started baby-proofing a lot. She is going to be our kid that gets into everything, I just know! Jonah never wanted to get into drawers and pull stuff out but I think she will. She loves to take stuff out of a box or bin and just throw it. She loves to clap and hear songs or be sung to. Haley loves to watch Jonah run around and gets so tickled at him. She loves to watch Mickey, Sheriff Callie and Doc McStuffins and the Bible song videos in the van. She loves to take a bath still and plays and plays with her toys in the tub. She would stay in there for an hour, if I let her. She is just growing so much and experiencing so many new things everyday.


Still such a content baby and will play with the toys around her for several minutes before getting bored. She just lets us know when she is hurting, hungry or sleepy. She has her diva moments and doesn't like getting dressed that much or getting a diaper change. She also is not fan of grocery shopping. I think she just gets tired of the cart very quickly and wants to be down playing. Jonah used to be so content to just ride along in the cart and look around, but not her. She wants to be moving and out of it! We may try her in a stroller next time where she is facing out to see what is coming ahead.

We love our little baby girl so much and can't believe that it's almost been a year since she arrived in the world! We are getting everything ready for a sweet little birthday party to celebrate our summer, sunshiny girl!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jonah 4th Year Book

I finally wrapped up Jonah's fourth year book and I am glad to be done! It's fun to do it but I am always scrambling to finish in time for his birthday. Now I'm waiting for an awesome Shutterfly sale to order it. I love the ease of Shutterfly books. I used a bunch of their layouts this time rather than scrapping layouts myself. I love how it turned out and I plan to order it so it will be at his upcoming birthday party for everyone to look at.

Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Do I Behold a Weekend Wrap-up?

Why yes! Yes you do! I am finally getting around to doing a recap of a weekend. This one was pretty fun but nothing major happening.

The first big thing is Jonah decided to cooperate with taking pictures with his little sister. I got a couple of good ones but love them all. Haley thinks her big brother hung the moon!

Also we've been enjoying the pool and especially now that the temps are finally warm enough to just jump right in. My white balance was way off on these pics but they are good nonetheless. Jonah has really taken to the pool this year...finally!

Our VBS started Sunday and the theme is The Race Is On! The kids played several relay games before the evening session yesterday and had a blast. It was really the first time Jonah had ever done games like that he really had a big time and I was surprised that he caught on to the instructions and knew what to do. He is really loving VBS and his classes.

Pass the spaghetti game!

Hope you had a good weekend too!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Haley is 10 Months Old!

Haley turned double-digits on June 5th! I can hardly believe we are so close to her turning 1!


-Probably around 16 lbs right now. I know, she is a tiny girl for her age. She is healthy though!
-Not crawling but scooting around some.
-One new tooth and one more about to break through. Now up to 5 teeth!


Sleep is still the same. Most nights she wakes after midnight to eat and then is up around 6 each morning. She is still taking 2 naps and we are going to have to start doing those in the bed and not the swing. We have taken advantage of the swing for so long because she is so little but now she is really starting to wiggle more when she is in it, even strapped in. So we need to make the transition but I just hope it doesn't totally ruin us on her naps.


We are finally up to 6 oz. bottles at every feeding. It felt like we would never get here and honestly I just don't see her taking much more than that while she is on formula. She is just so little that her belly won't hold any more. Sometimes she still spits up some it with a burp but not very often. The food thing is going ok. I think I have figured out that she has a sensitive gag reflex. I think this because even when I give her one single puff, if it gets stuck on the back of her tongue before dissolving she gags and has thrown up her last formula meal some from it if I don't get her water to wash it down quick enough. Ugh! I just don't think solid foods are in our near future until that gag reflex calms down. We have figured out that she prefers the squeeze bags of baby food over being spoon fed. She just isn't a huge fan of the spoon.  While we still aren't where I would like us be with food. at least we are figuring out some things.


Well no crawling but you are figuring out how to get to things you want. Most of the time you twist and reach and lean and stretch those tiny fingers until you grasp what you are after. We underestimate how far you can reach all the time. This is evidenced in the fact that I'll sit you in the bumbo on the table and sit an opened water bottle several feet from you but still you manage to get one finger on it and down it goes. I'm sad to say this has happened for than once to your Mama and I still haven't learned. LOL You love to play with toys and throw balls. You still love to chew on most everything you get your hands on. For some reason you are fascinated with tags and straps. You chew on the straps of your car seat, bumbo and the diaper bag straps when you get hold of them. You find the tags on everything and they go straight to your mouth. They must be extra delicious to you. Jonah is still your favorite thing to watch and interact with. When he pays you any amount of attention you just eat it up! He is starting to see that once you get mobile you will be into all his stuff and he is not a fan. LOL


Still mostly content but I have to admit that you are somewhat of a diva these days. You have always been particular about how you are fed (in quiet room, held a certain way and take the bottle a certain way) but you starting to get particular about lots of other things. We have found that what makes you maddest is to be left on the floor playing when you want to be picked up. This mainly applies to your Mama because that who you usually want. You get plum mad if Daddy tries to pick you up instead of your preferred Mama. You are definitely a Mama's girl!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jonah's First Train Ride

Last Sunday evening we enjoyed a fun "date" with our first-born, Jonah. He has really been into trains since he was 2 but we had never rode on a train before. We decided to give him that experience and Daddy had never ridden a train either so it was fun for them to both experience it together. When I saw that the Tennessee Central Railway Museum was going to have a real steam train excursion for a limited time, I jumped on some tickets for us.

Since it involved driving over an hour to Nashville to board the train, we decided to make a fun day of it with just Jonah. He loved the train and loved looking out the window at all the other train pieces around us. We were in a nice air-conditioned car and we even got to go up and see the engineer driving the steam train while we went down the tracks. That part Jonah was not too thrilled about because we had to walk into an open-air cart and it was hot and loud so I think it just frightened him a little bit. He just didn't want to get up too close and clung to his Daddy but he loved sitting in our cart where you could hear the faint whistle of the diesel train that was pushing us (the steam train was mostly for appearances sake). They had fake engineers on each cart that handed out Thomas the Train pictures to all the kids. The ride lasted a little over an hour but it was plenty of time to just relax and enjoy the ride and let Jonah soak it all up.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Haley is 9 Months Old!

So let's pretend that this update isn't almost a whole month late....hoping to get back on track next month with these posts and all other posts.

Being as this post is late, some of my memories of what Haley has been doing will be mingled with what she actually is doing right now.


-Still drinking 5-6 oz bottles 5-6 bottles a day
-Still not a fan of the baby foods at all...will this child ever eat food!?
-Still wears size 2 diapers and is in 9 month clothes
-Dr. appt. stats: Weight = 15 lb 13 oz (12th %), Height = 27 inches (22nd %) and Head = 45 cm (79th %).


Haley's sleep is still good in my book but she does still wake in the night for a bottle some of the time. Ever since she had those back-to-back ear infections it seems she just doesn't sleep as solid as she used to. I am hoping it's just growing phase. She still takes 2 decent naps of 1-2 hours but she is usually completely done with her naps by 3 at the latest each day. So around 5-6 she is tired but won't take another nap so we don't push it and she goes down very easy at around 8 each night. I am hoping we can work her afternoon nap more and more towards her going down at 2, rather than at 1 so there is not such a long stretch each evening and we can actually do some stuff in the middle of the day more. We are still so blessed by how good she sleeps in general that I can't complain too much. Oh, and naps are still in the swing.....I know....


So like I mentioned, at 9 months she was still taking mostly 5 and sometimes 5.5 ounce bottles during the day. If she woke in the night she would take a big 6 ounce sometimes too because she was hungry. Haley does so much better at taking her bottles all straight and not starting and stopping. Now we just have to keep working on that food. I won't lie and say that I haven't stressed over it quite a bit. I know she will eat when she is ready and she is showing all the signs to be ready such as chomping with her gums and reaching for stuff and holding it well at her mouth. I just can't seems to figure out how to help her like eating. I guess it's something she will just have to figure out on her own with us just continuing to offer her things. 


Busy, busy girl our Haley is! She loves her toys and plays very well for long stretches by herself. She loves to chew on stuff and throw it and then try to pull it back to herself. She loves to scream/talk and loves to be teased with just about anything. We've also found that she loves to play pretty rough with her Daddy. She loves to be tossed up the air (not huge) and hung upside down. I think she is going to be our thrill-seaker and adventurous kid. I know once she gets mobile that she will be into everything. If something is within her reach she is going to grab it and bring it to her mouth. Jonah wasn't like this at all. He got into stuff but not everything like she wants to.  Haley also figured out  or became more aware of things being on her head (headbands and sun hats) and she can take them off now. So our headband days are numbered, I know. Just hoping we can make it 12 months because she doesn't have enough hair for bows yet.


This month Haley has started recognizing faces and putting names to them. When we ask her where someone is she looks right at them. She also knows what Hi and Bye mean and she can wave for both.  She is still a very content baby but whoa does she let you know when she ain't happy or doesn't like where we've put her. She is hard to ignore so I mostly just pick her up....I know I'm starting great habits but unless it's something I just can't pick her up for I usually do or at least change her location. So far teething and just general sickness are the only things that get our little "sunshine" girl down but who can blame her with those two. Haley is also more aware of people she doesn't know and she likes them from afar but not up close so she definitely has the "stranger danger" going on now.

I can't believe we are almost to 10 months and then so very close to her being 1! I have started getting ideas and things together for her party too!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Just the Two of Us

A couple of weekends ago, Michael and I had the chance to get away, just the two of us. Back at Christmas my parents gifted us a one-night stay at Maple Hill Bed & Breakfast in Eddyville, KY, on the banks of Lake Barkley. We decided to go right after my birthday earlier this month.

We had a wonderful and relaxing stay and got to spend all day Saturday running around town and getting Easter goodies and then we drove to Eddyville. It was a beautiful day and we were not rushed. We got to chat and just enjoy each others company.

Saturday evening we had reservations at Patti's 1880 Settlement. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in which the food was delicious, the service and atmosphere was outstanding and no one was crying or needing to be told to eat.

Here are some pictures from our quick getaway. It was my first night to stay away from Haley. I did worry a little about how their night would go but I was relieved to hear that she slept the whole night in the crib and Nana and Papaw's house and Jonah slept good too.

The view from one of the windows in our room.

The comfy king size bed in our room with spa sheets.

Sitting area in front of the TV in our room. All the rooms have wonderful antiques.

The original fireplace with electric insert.

Complimentary cupcake!

The view from the front porch of the home.

The home is immaculately landscaped. The inn-keeper's husband runs a landscaping business so it's always so beautifully kept outside.

The inviting front porch with rocking chairs. I would love a porch like this one day!

Heading to eat at Patti's. I love going here and it's always a special treat. The food is wonderful and their signature is 2 inch pork chops. I didn't get that this time but it's a classic if you go.

Another thing I love about Patti's is it's in a genuine old home or storefront and a lot of the original details have been kept and they decorate and go all out for each season. Of course this was before Easter so everything was Spring or Easter themed. Each room is different themes and color schemes.

We had our waitress snap our picture. It was really dark in our room so we had to use the flash. :( Notice the flower pot in front of us....that is what they bake and serve their bread in. So neat and so yummy with their strawberry butter.

The main foyer was decorated and this is a blurry pictures but it was so cute!

This was taken in front of the old mill water wheel. Behind the restaurant are all kinds of neat little shops and and old timey photo booth and some put put golf. You can even get married there in a little chapel. It's so cute!

The next morning we were served breakfast in the dinning room. We had Belgian waffles with fruit and a slice if KY legend ham. We also had a fruit and yogurt cup and fresh orange juice, coffee or tea. It was delicious and decadent!

Like I said, the home is full of unique and true antiques and it's so fun to feel like you've stepped back in time a little bit. It really makes you want to slow down and take your time.

Last but not least a shot of the house from the front. It's a beautiful place and so glad we got to enjoy it if only for a little while. Can't wait to go back in June for our 10 year anniversary!

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